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halo effect

she-Rifff halo effect sheRifff is a collaborative project providing songs and recordings for soundtrack and in some cases commercial release. Selected recordings are available for auditioning on ''
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bfas (blood from a stone)

Featuring the extraordinary talents of judd miller, mixed and produced with long time associate and churecords root cover art house producer and founder roger swallow, root is a compilation of soundscapes arranged in 15 minute segments that explore the journey undertaken when relaxing into that place where discovery begins. The 4 titles: root resolve transition settlement perfectly capture each movement between longing for & commitment to fundamental change. Whether providing a backdrop, as designed, for a multitude of consciousness raising activities such as meditation, yoga, bodywork, etc., or enjoyed for its dense, technical brilliance, this work succeeds on all levels.

Manifest in our destination is the journey;
the root of all experience is bent;
the route taken was first imagined and
we are the evidence arrived at.
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cd freedom

roger swallow
eighth tones

Trance is available to all. All human activity generates a measurable response in frequency that is directly relatable to the health or dis-ease of consciousness. Disease is but a manifestation of a negative state of consciousness; perhaps, even, caused by genetic dysfunction. Health is an evidentiary state of environmental wellness; perhaps even overriding a physical predisposition to disease. The human condition, by definition, then, is a collapsing energy field that can rise & fall according to one's past intentions.

Trance is an evolved biological condition established as a resource for understanding our exact role in the 'scheme of things', and a direct experience of those underlying frequencies that can only be described as creative or creator. Consciously or subconsciously we yearn for a higher state & a lower frequency. Paradox.

eighth tones cover art Millennia have passed since ritual openly embraced trance & its true purpose: knowledge. We, now, in a burgeoning western society, suffer only a residue of ignorant ritual and have to passively give over to a 'savior's' intent or a 'devil's' brew to justify or explain our behavior as we frenetically dip in & out of consciousness - usually asleep! Or we perhaps pretend that a 'mystical' practitioner can open the gates of perception for us as we bow to the altar of 'hope rings eternal' - without personal responsibility.

The paradox continues as it is apparent that real work is required to enter deeper levels of consciousness - with conscious awareness - & learn the true nature of our relationship to a Universe, while substance - organic, verbal, oral, odorous, audible, sensual - offers only a tantalizing glimpse of the possible. But, we are moths to a flame when offered any such glimpse.

First we must understand that it is the most basic human desire (wish) to change. Then the most basic human trait to resist change! We must understand that the ONLY place change takes place is essentially in the place consciousness is apparent to us - the mind. Where we fear to tread! For the change to be habitual, it is required, physiologically, that the mind recognize a constant vibratory level of consciousness - at whatever level is specific to that particular change form. Yes, there is an evolved purpose for all levels of consciousness & it is a study to learn them & the techniques required to bring you there with control; no grail cup hiding under a leaf somewhere!

There has been an immense amount of learning about the relationship of mathematical tones in genetic code, their specific purpose, and their corresponding amplitude within all recognizable & observable spectral frequency. There has been a minimal amount of investigation however into group consciousness & the danger & immorality inherent in manipulating collective trance. History is rich with examples. There is a world of charlatans, from the charismatic to the street-corner practitioner, which would give the easy route or a supposedly exceptive or privileged insight to truth or healing. Vehicles to altered states can be both helpful &/or dangerous because understanding is a prerequisite to safety. Confusing, isn't it? Ultimately there is only the individual, information, effort & what you want out of life. Then you can expect miracles.

We offer here tones that will change your mind. However, their specifics have been left to your imagination. We cannot possibly be responsible for any lack of dedication to learning. What we can assure you of, though, is neutrality. There is nothing special about these tones unless you learn to use them properly or are casual about their use. If you truly learn their nature - miracles can happen. But, they can most definitely harm you if you are an idiot. DO NOT use these tones while under the influence of ANY mind-altering substance, prescription, legal or otherwise, AND, if you are not in a restful environment, preferably alone. If you use them in any way to control or influence another you break the most fundamental law a human has: choice. They are intended to move you toward sleep & attenuate with a specific level of consciousness, it is up to you what you do while there. They are NOT casual or a panacea. They are causal & specific.

Trance is available to all. Truth is obtainable only by the wise.

Because of the non-commercial nature of these tones we make them available only upon request, by email. And they are expensive. If you lie about their properties or copy & distribute them without permission, your dishonesty will undo you.

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"There is no doubt that the human condition demands higher consciousness. It is there that resolution can be found. Where there is mystery: paradox insists, power exists. We can heal. We understand. There is direct connection to primordial self; the reptilian brain stem communicates. Spiritually we soar. There is no doubt. The older the civilization, the more practiced, the more refined, the ritual. We can then look for clues, connections, triggers. There is no doubt that societies more ancient than we presently can imagine, had tremendous skills of transcendence. Evidence of archetypes only recently acknowledged are to be found around the globe in ritual residue and ancient habits. When we discover residue on familiar shores, eyes widen and the search begins.
"There is no doubt that North African trance ritual is evident in Irish folklore. No doubt trans-migrated across the millennia with the trade winds. When we first encountered it, it screamed for our attention." -roger swallow

So goes the accompanying notes to sea.pOOl's "Irish" recordings, an astonishing collection of solo performances, that, when included in collage and shaded with certain images, reveal a deep audio archetype that, by definition, illuminates the Celtic's long suspected inclusion in the greatest of the world's trance music with deeply felt influences and grace.

irish - Sea.Pool cover art sea.pOOl is a project-oriented collaboration between two fine musician/composers. Its focus is to illuminate trance and common, consciousness raising, coincidence in world musics, and to bring attention to techniques, across cultural boundaries, available to us all, for self control at deeper levels with conscious awareness. Their medium is soundscape and audio collage. The paradox being explored by sea.pOOl is, recognizable patterns of the collective subconscious, normally only resolved out of chaos and fractal complexity, are readily available to us all if only we can explore world music from a less social and cultural viewpoint, and more from a plaintive and simply personal, meditative experience. Easily done if certain performances are removed from their comfortable cultural seat, and placed in a bed of the not so familiar, but vibrationally sympathetic.

sea.pOOl is a collaboration between roger swallow and judd miller.

The core of sea.pOOl's resource is the acoustic instrument, including the voice. They realize that only through this instrument is the confidence of aural development and the string of history through the millennia evident, electronics being so recent. However, each generation illuminates the archetype in it's own voice, and electronics is this generation's voice. The expert combination of the two is their strength.

Available by special order only, us for details. Audio clips coming soon.

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